Do men ever run out of semen?

wat age do they run out of semen?
can u lose your virginite by masterbatating

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Answers:    you only have 5 semen, so use them sagely.

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Yes and no. If you ejaculate often, you might run out of your storage of semen at that moment. In no time, it builds back up, though. Semen mostly comes from the prostate (just the sperm contained by the semen comes from the testicles). If your prostate is healthy all your existence, you'll never "run out" some day and never have any more.

Virginity is "lost" by penetrative sex, not by masturbation and self-stimulation to the point of ejaculation. It's sexual fluency of another person.

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it's not common ( sometimes loss of semen is due to faultless diseases) for men to run out of semen, but it is possible. as you age, your semen count will eventually decrease over time. loss of semen can also be cause by pressure against your testicles (skinny jeans are habitually used as an example). in general, near are many factors that can exact a man to have his semen count decreased; not totally likely to run out completely, though.
when you say "run out", it can also sometimes mingy that the man HAS semen, but just doesnt have the "strongest kind" ( the sperm cell must be very "strong" in writ to reach the egg and fertilize it, so sometimes, a low count, or defective sperm can be counted as "having no semen"

as for your second request for information, virginity can be classified differently, but most people will classify it as having physical contact next to another person's genitals. ( usually means penetration by another party ).
in my opinion[as well as several other's], no. masturbating yourself doesnt count as losing your virginity.
it really depends on how religious you are, or how strong your morals are-that gentle of stuff.

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you can always nut getting it up when you're old is the complex part, whether you're nut is good adequate to produce babies is another question, whether those babies will be good babies is another. But they qualified us this in 8th grade when someone surrounded by sex ed asked if he masturbated all the time would he ever run out and the instructor said the truth which is your body will continue to produce it. The love liquid that is, so drink up it's good for you. You never "run out" since you take home more continuously. But you can ejaculate faster than you can replace it and "shoot blanks" temporarily until your body catches up.

Virginity refers to penis-vagina intercourse. It has nought to do with masturbating, no matter how or beside who.

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no u cant lose ur virginity by masturbating and i really don't think men run out of semen. As long as a man can have an erection and a doctor doesn't convey him that hes shooting blanks then i think that semen can be produced until the daytime a man dies lol. That's my own opinion though. I don't think you "run out of semen". I'm not sure the age you run out of sperm but I have an idea that no matter how old you are (unless you're too young), stuff still comes out.

And losing virginity single happens when you have sex next to a female (or male if you progress that way).

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We dont. We're constantly making sperm. Even guys with one testicle have children. Lance Armstrong have three kids and has one ball. You lose your virginity when you insert your penis contained by a girls vagina, masturbation doesnt count. No. The male body (assuming the individual parts are in righteous working order) continues creating semen for the entirety of their lives.

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well, if you masterbate alot, than less will come out, but I don't suppose you can completely run out...I mean, my grandpa's almost seventy and he impregnated his 43 year-old wife, so I don't have an idea that so... So many sad question.

No, you cannot run out of semen unless you're a sick f*ck and you cannot lose your virginity masturbating

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You never run out of semen.
Virginity is only lost by sexual intercourse in the artistic sense of the word -- so no. Men have sperm until they die
unless they have some unexpected rare problem and have parts similar to testicles removed..

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haha no you dont loose your virginity by masterbating and noyou dont run out, your penis just doesnt get sturdy anymore you dont have to worry around that til your 70's No they don't. Haven't you ever heard of those old coots who hold kids when they're like 75?

Masturbating does not mean you've lost your virginity lol.

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men dont run out, ever. only just when they get older they cant any get hard or return with any out. and no, stroking off is not a way to lose you innocence no, your testes never stop making semen until you die, unlike women. who are born near a limited amount of eggs

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they don't. they process a lot every light of day.
no, you can't. No they dont. As soon as they release one load they are loaded up again in roughly speaking two to three days. Why do you ask hehehe.

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No, But the semen runs blanks around 90... never, they keep it their whole lives unless removed by a doctor

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Hell no no it seem men never run out of semen, and no you cant

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no no. even an 80 year old can be a daddy

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no you cant nope. I sell it by the quart

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