Why does Coffe receive me sick?

When i drink coffee i have stomach aches and own to go to the bathroom a lot. Why is this..It make me not want to eat..

Answers:    You may have an spot. Stay away from any caffeine or any thing that is spicy and walk see a Dr..
caffeine. just becaue your organism can't process the cafeine.

try to drink a clearer coffee. american coffee is too heavy.
I'm from Colombia!
right luck!.
The acidity of the coffee is what makes you sick. The massive amounts of caffeine in it is most likely cause the other problem.

If it makes you sick and makes you not want to devour, then dont drink it..
Caffeine is a... um... bowel stimulant. To put it bluntly. That's why you are chained to the toilet when you drink it. Some folks can handle more than others. Some people are allergic to caffeine. Coffee is in actual fact harsh on the stomach and your experience is common. Caffeine is also a diuretic (ie. make you pee.) Either stop drinking it or use lots of milk for your stomach. The peeing affect is just what it does. People who drink it a lot hold developed a tolerance..
Coffee can be very hard on the stomach...possibly you just can't tolerate it. It does the same item to me, especially the ice coffee from McDonald's, it makes you suffer. Try to stay away from it if you can or receive a milder coffee to drink. Caffeine is also a natural laxative. Stay away from the espresso for sure.

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