Do people with webbed toes make better swimmers?

Answers:    NOOO the toes are not an integral part to the swimming stroke,generall the toes are together when you kick so the webbings effectiveness is reduced to a null value.
hmmm. good question.
it depends. i have a webbed toes and i m not a good swimmer. It is not scientifically proven that humans have webbed feet but if they did realistically they would be better swimmers..
Of course they do, they're feet are like fins on a fish, water don't really go through their toes so it makes them go faster no, they're too embarassed to take their shoes off... and probably, aerodynamically yes.
everyone has webbing on their toes and fingers
but yes, when you have more webbing of course it helps
just look at frogs.
Oh yeah. The people with fins for legs swim even better. pfft

Haven't you seen Waterworld?.
Seemed to work for Costner on Water World... I like to think they can go faster in the water..
Not really, but they look weird though. No..

We do.
first they have to know how to swim --but no i seriously doubt it makes it dazier to duck and weave in the water.
they work like fins. no.
yeah yes.
yep ya lol look at frogs

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