If I am taking singulair, can I drink alcohol?

I lost my information sheet. I was giving the medication for allergies and difficulty breathing. I hold been taking it for several days in a minute. After drinking a moderate amount, I was up adjectives night not sufficiently expert to sleep. The medication says specifically to transport in the evening, and I bear mine at 6pm. I thought it was evening because it would engender me sleepy.

Answers:    you shouldnt drink alcohol with any medication. Says that on the sign
"Singulair may cause drowsiness or dizziness. These effects may be worse if you rob it with alcohol or lasting medicines. Use Singulair beside caution. Do not drive or accomplish other possibly unsafe tasks until you know how you react to it." capably if you are ill, i suggest you don't do it.
Well, I own been taken Singular since November 2007, along near Nasonex. I noticed that I become drowsy after taking the Singular , especially after consuming alcohol. A few months ago, I would consume 7+ drinks of alcohol over a 1-2 hrs, then bring a singular, and feel really tired shortly after.

If you mix the two, I would recommend doing so only right earlier bed. I recall looking for further information about this event when I first got the medication, but most websites stated that at hand was not plenty research available to make a legit claim. If you are going to consume smaller amount than 5 drinks a night, and possess a fully clad tolerance, than I think you should not hold a problem if you combined the two.

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